Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In my corner

In my corner of the world, life goes on despite the illness in the house:

--the basketball team from my high school is playing against our son's high school basketball team this weekend. I really wanted to go watch, but due to health-money-travel-time-commitments, we won't be going this year. It's not like our son is playing .. if he was we would definitely be there! Maybe next year.
--My husband started a new job! For years we were praying for a change, and we thought we had a chance at a job last summer, only to lose it at the last minute. Looking back, we see what a good thing that was, because this job the Mr. has now is exactly what he needs and what he wanted. It's pretty exciting when he comes home at night in a good mood, looking forward to actually going to work the next day.
--Our girl Dot was in Awana Bible Quiz this past weekend. She didn't place this year, but she actually stood up and answered a question - which itself I find hard, because you have to buzz in before anyone else and recite the entire Bible verse exactly as it is in the book. She did it, except for one little word. I was pretty proud of her!
--We are awaiting news of a new baby in the family! My niece is expecting her first any time now. My nephew and his wife welcomed their 3rd boy last month , which means now I am a great aunt 4, nearly 5, times! We've got a wedding to look forward to later in the year also, which is also pretty exciting. Weddings and babies, I love them!

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