Wednesday, February 26, 2014


It has been 2 weeks and one day since my last run.
2 long weeks of coughing and sneezing and headaches and naps.
It was sunny outside yesterday - glorious day! So I took the girls out for a walk. I figured a little walk around the neighborhood would do all of us some good; plus it was a little measurement of how my lungs were doing. I had hoped I could start running again this week. But after walking less than a mile, coughing half the time, and then needing a nap later in the day, I figure I won't be running yet. Last night I made it through the night without coughing - that is a plus! But I still think I am going to wait a little bit until I hit the road again. It's hard not to - knowing I am getting behind in my training, feeling my muscles atrophy.
On the other hand, our boy is running again. Track season starts up next week, and he went out after school with some of the kids, for a 2 mile run. Makes my heart sing.

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