Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow week

The week started out like any other, the two older kids off to school, one with the sniffles. The other 3 at home, doing school and such. And then Tuesday's weather got the kids all excited. We had some snowflakes! None that stuck, but the 3 at home had a heyday playing out in the snow, dreaming of what could be.

And because it was such a fun thing happening outside, we decided to have a fun picnic inside, under the table.

Two days later here is what the deck looked like in the morning. Schools were cancelled due to the impending snow storm, and when the flakes finally started to fall Thursday morning, all 5 kids went out and played in the snow. And it kept coming.
 The next morning we looked out to this:
 --a lot more snow, which meant a lot more sledding possibilities. Unfortunately, the sled didn't go down the hill as well as they wanted, but they all still had a great time in the plethora of snow. Not something we see everyday around here.

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