Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Even though it was a stay-home anniversary weekend, I had so many blessings, so many highlights I want to share.
On Friday my buddy from college, (whom I hadn't seen since my wedding I think!!) came for a quick visit. It was so great to see her and her little baby. I am so thankful for Facebook, not only because it keeps us connected, but it helped me get rid of a baby item, and helped her acquire one.
On our anniversary, my sweetie installed a new bathroom faucet. Yes, I am easy to please! Actually the one that was in there before was so hideous, so icky, so probably-an-original-from-the-builder-36 years ago, that I was thrilled to have it replaced! We also got to go on a run together on Sunday, which was pretty nice, since it was 'only' 8 miles for me. (Never thought I would be saying that!)
On Monday my Mr actually got the day off. In all of our married life he has not had that day off as a paid holiday from work. I love his new job. So we decided to give the kids a little bit of an educational experience for the holiday. We headed out to a local Memorial Day ceremony, where veterans were honored with the presentation of a flag to their surviving relatives. It was very moving. And when the bugler bugled "Taps" I almost bawled right there on the field. I don't know why, but that tune always moves me to tears.
That and the national anthem.
The local pilots did a flyover in the Missing Man Formation ... that was powerful too.
And then we went out to lunch; not just for the sustenance but to let the kids know this is a special day, and important to remember.
Wrapping up the memory-full weekend, we had our friends over for supper, barbeque of course.

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  1. Now you will have to teach them the tradition of decorating the family graves. Your mom and I do it every year since mom has died. So now to teach your family. Marilyn