Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend relief

I feel like I could win bad parent of the week award.
My son was signed up to help at a local kids race on Saturday. Two of our girls just happened to run in that race also, so we were all planning on being there for the morning. The boy woke up early with a headache and laid on the couch. It should've been my first clue. We figured he had just stayed up too late, wasn't drinking enough water (because it had been hot here the past week), and so the Mr. got Dash down to the track on time.
I followed a bit later with the girls; we checked them in and sat watching the activity on the field. I kept looking for Dash, hoping we was doing ok. Should've been my second clue - trust the inner gut feeling. The girls each had their race - Dot and Squiggle ran a 2k in great time! We even saw the Boy run as a 'turtle' with a group of kids. (A turtle is the volunteer who brings up the back, encouraging the kids to keep going, helping them to know where to go. The one in the lead is usually called the rabbit.) So we figured he was doing ok, and we lost track of him.
As we were leaving the stadium I got a phone call; the Boy says he threw up in the outhouse before that run, and could he come home with us? Of course we brought him home! And took his temperature. Poor kid was up to 102. I felt terrible for even making him go out that morning! But he got the rest of the weekend in bed, watching movies, drinking ginger ale, and sleeping. By Sunday night he had bounced back to normal and was off to school this morning. There was a sleep-walking episode in the middle there that scared the Mr. and I, but thankfully no other side effects.
Now to give a shout out to my girls - Dot and Squiggle did a little bit of training with my before this race, but I had my reservations as to how they would do. Dot usually deals with sideaches any time she runs. But she made it through the run, not super fast, but she finished! And Squiggles did such a great job - she told me she ran the whole time, without walking at all! It's kind of fun to see the kids enjoy running, especially since we enjoy it so much too.

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