Saturday, May 10, 2014

Nostalgia Night

Friday night we stepped back in time.
The Mr. and I had originally planned on doing a local scavenger hunt run by a local running store; but due to schedule conflicts and earlier-in-the-week-sickness, we decided to make it a family game night.
After dinner I cranked out some chocolate banana peanut butter milkshakes and we had a rousing game of Aggravation. I came in 2nd to last ... yeah we don't just play until someone wins. We have to play it out all the way.
So during the game, the Mr turned on Pandora to a oldies country station. And oh the good ol' memories that came flooding back with those songs. Songs my parents used to listen to, and songs I heard in college. As the kids watched in slight horrified fascination we sang the songs and danced. One that got to me was "Redneck Girl" - do any of you know/remember that one?! It was a favorite of mine!  At the end of the song, my daughter asked, "Can I get a belt with my name on it?"
Score! The song lives on.

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