Saturday, May 17, 2014

Picnic time

Friday nights are often pizzza nights around here. By the end of a busy week, I just like to take a break. So when the Mr called yesterday and said Let's head out to the farm after work, I suggested a picnic. And so began the first pizza picnic at the farm night. I could make it a habit.
The weather was gorgeous, the views were spectacular, and the company was pretty awesome too.
 We 'tailgated' the picnic, which my daughter said was the best way to go
 Then the girls had some free time to run around, and play in the dirt.
 They made up some kind of story, which often happens when they are together.
 This young one though, she likes to get into anything and everything. It's good thing she's cute ....
There was also a little time to throw the football around after we ate; and then it was time to get some planting down. The Mr had the girls down in the dirt putting in the cauliflower and broccoli this time. I had to go and pick up the boy from track practice, so I missed out on that.
A great way to end the weekdays ...

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