Saturday, September 5, 2015

School clothes

This year our back to school clothes shopping has taken a twist. We tried something different with the kids. In the past I would take a couple of them, or sometimes all five, and spend hours going to stores, debating about the clothes with them, trying to find nice items for a nice price.
It was usually exhausting for all of us.
This year I have enjoyed B2SCS! The kids each have their own money set aside from their earnings this summer (selling veggies). I dropped the older three at a store, went and did my errands (shopping with the younger two) and then came back to preview their selections. Mostly approved, perhaps a few times of discussion about their choices. And then the kids purchase it. We all go home happy. I am not stressed about bleeding money; they like the clothes they get; and they learn to shop. My girls are great at finding bargains, and scouring the clearance section.
Another step towards independence.

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