Thursday, September 24, 2015

School weeks

The first few weeks of school are in the books.
On the first day of school I will admit I teared up a bit as I watched my 7th grader walk into the big ol' school without me. This is her first year at Away School, and just like with her older brother and sister, I have had to adjust my heart.
The 2 kids at home school this year are such a blessing. We are having quite a fun time, relaxing in pjs half the morning, and then getting some work done. We didn't really start school until the week after everyone else had gone back. And even then, I've been so busy with other stuff that the week was actually only a half week for them.
But this week we are more or less trying to stay on task and on schedule. Of course, then the kids get sick with back-to-school colds, and there goes that plan.
The Girl Who Swims is now the Girl Who Runs. She joined the cross country team, now that she is in high school. (And just saying that makes me pause and gulp at how time is flying.) Wow, she is fast! it is her first year of running. She's never been much of a runner, never really liked it, until this year. We've all been nicely surprised by how well she is doing too. She is running the Varsity team 5k's at each meet, and bringing her time down each week. This past week's meet saw her at 24 minutes, placing 15th out of 44. It was a PR of 2 minutes!
The Boy is running also. This will be his third season of cross country, and he's improving right along with the others. He runs between 19 and 21 minutes for a 5k. The sickness hit him this week, so he didn't get a chance to run the race yesterday.
The Girl Chef is adjusting well to school. One of her electives is a sort of Home Ec class. It has a different name, but I still haven't figured out what the acronym stand for. Anyway, she is cooking away in there, and learning some sewing skills alongside healthy menus, etc. She comes home and teases her dad with "Today we made ____" (usually something yummy!)
My now-10 year old (her birthday was this week) is liking the changes we made to homeschool too. Instead of the dry textbook approach I did for too many years with science and history, we tried a new curriculum this year. Sonlight Science has us looking at various cool books to learn about the body and how it works. The first day we opened an Usborne book and she said something like Wow, I like science! It was the first time I heard that from her.
We've got some work to do on spelling!
Little K started kindergarten this year. Now that is such a fun age! And thankfully pretty relaxed and easy. I let her go beyond what I require if she wants to - which she did the first week.
But it hasn't been all work and no play. Last weekend we made it out to the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest. I had promised the girls pony rides - since we didn't do them at the State Fair. I knew the children's garden was free at Oktoberfest, so I didn't mind waiting in line for them to ride around in a circle on a pony for 5 minutes. I was reminded of the days when I used to ride my cousin's horse, or my friends' horse; this is the closest my kids have gotten to equestrian.
 The weather is changing, and I am enjoying the cooler days, the time at home with school, the upcoming Bible study, football games, cross country meets; trying to cherish each moment.

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