Monday, September 14, 2015

Ups and Downs

What a weekend.
On one hand, I have gotten to spend some great time with my three younger girls, doing a lot of family stuff together. We stayed up really late one night watching Anne of Green Gables - we're now on the 2nd movie, of three. What is it about Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe? Even though I know the story, and the outcome, I swoon every time I read that story! And the language - so poetic and lovely and flowing. And we had a family picnic on Saturday, exploring a different part of Silver Falls, on our bicycles this time.
On the other hand, we went to my uncle's funeral Friday. This man, this family, was like my second home growing up. My cousin was my best friend when we were younger. But changes come, and death comes, and even though I know my uncle is at peace, there is still a sadness. During the service I glanced at my dad, whose brother was in that coffin. And it hit me pretty hard that in a few years - hopefully many years! - we will be doing this for him.
On then on the other hand, I got to see my cousins, many of whom I had not seen in eons; I got to visit a bit and that was wonderful! Even in the sad circumstances, it was good to be with family, and to reconnect even for a moment with them.
And then on the other hand again, it was 9/11, and the emotional memories of that day were present. This day is a tragic historical event to my kids. To me, it is very real in my memory. So when they asked questions, wanting to know and understand what happened, it was difficult for me to explain it all. I remember where I was, what we were doing, the aching in my heart that day, that week.
And so it was a bit of a see-saw weekend. 

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