Thursday, December 17, 2009

a full week

It's been a busy week! We're trying to finish up a bunch of lessons before Christmas break. And the girls are busy practicing for their ballet performance this weekend. Then there are the doctor appointments this week, and planning for a weekend away for G and myself ... phew .. typing it all is tiring!
Oh, then there's all the Christmassy things to take care of ... cards and presents and decorating and such. This past weekend we finally got our tree and set it up in the playroom.
We have been going to the same tree farm for the past 5 years; the kids love it. We can ride a "train", pick out our tree, and head back to the 'barn' for hot chocolate and cookies. This year the kids hauled the tree out of the "forest" a little ways. And there were horses to pet also, besides the dogs. I think my son has the dogs memorized... I don't remember them like he does!
No cards have been sent out from this house, but I am working on it at least! I love getting the cards from friends and family this time of year, especially the ones with letters or pictures! I mean, who doesn't like to get mail this isn't bills or another offer for a credit card?!
A few gifts have been purchased. A few baked goods have been ... baked ... and eaten ... and shared amongst friends. (Unfortunately, I don't think I can wrap them and send them to my "overseas" friends safely or in a timely manner; I'll just have to eat those.) These tasty little treats have been taking the place of my nightly ice cream. Yes, I have fallen into the trap of eating ice cream every night ... or just about every night. So far, my doctor hasn't said anything about weight gain so it must be okay!
G. has been busy working on the house. This week he started ripping up the floor in the main bathroom. For 10 years I have lived with a black bathroom that I didn't like. And we've been meaning to change it since we moved in. Finally, finally! And what we found underneath it was pretty disgusting! At least this project doesn't look to be one that takes months to finish, since we are ((well, really only G. is, I am just support personnel)) only redoing the floor, and countertop and wall, and lights. And once the rain stops ... raining, he can finish the deck. I'm so glad we are going to my mother in-law's for Christmas and not having company. A little less stress is a good thing.

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