Friday, March 5, 2010

The Claw

**Warning - graphic images of a wounded hand following this content. Not for the squeamish to view**

Here is our son's reaction to the Claw:
Did you ever play cops and robbers, using your hand as a gun? Well that's the position G's fingers have been in the for the past 5 days.
Yesterday we went in and saw the sutures for the first time. I was able to look at it this time, unlike on Saturday when I knew I would pass out with a glance at his bleeding hand.
So the Claw is not quite the Claw anymore. Not so many bandages wrapped around it; but still a little splint holding it in a near-claw-like position.
We had to take pictures of it, of course, when we went to change the bandages this morning:


  1. Sweet wound! That'll leave a great badge of a scar. Glad the fingers remained attached. You never did print all the words he said when it happened...

  2. It doesn't look that bad. I have seen worse with Greg's "hamburger " finger. The nerve endings took about a year or so to grow back. Greg's finger was bad and it was numb for a year.
    LInda G