Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hard Work

My older two children did a wonderful thing this afternoon.
They worked.
Hard. For 2 hours without complaint or dissent in the ranks. Without supervision!
I was so impressed with them, I promised them ice cream for dessert - I know, I know, what a great mom.
They unloaded compost/dirt from the back of the pickup and wheeled it to the backyard, spread it around, and repeated the process. And repeated it.Yesterday I was blessed by some friends with a shared-baby shower. Two other moms are pregnant and due in April also (well, actually there are about 8 other friends I know due in April, but in this case, just the 3 of us are involved here.) We played one game - involving M-n-M's - where we had to answer a question depending on the color of the candy we had in our hand. And we had yummy food. And awesome gifts. I didn't take pictures of all of them, just a few to share. Getting some cute baby girl clothes made it seem even more real. But, we still have a problem. No name. This child is still nameless. Any suggestions?!


  1. When I was a teenager, I had the great fortune to meet a wonderful, amazing, Godly young woman who influenced me greatly to follow after God wholeheartedly. Her name was Callie. I always thought I'd name a daughter after her - but, my daughter came already named, and I only have named one kid - a son! It's a pretty cool name, Callie - it means "beautiful voice" and the verse that goes with it is Ps 19:14

  2. I think it's time for 'Carol' to come back into vogue.

  3. Funny - we are leaning towards 'C' names...