Thursday, March 25, 2010


Happy Birthday Mom!

When I think of my mom, the one image that always comes to mind is her kneeling in prayer. When I would pass by my parents' bedroom at night, I would see my mom on her knees, in that blue quilted bathrobe, sometimes with those yellow slippers on, head bowed, eyes closed, saying her evening prayers.
Looking back on my life, those mistakes I made in college, those stupid, stupid decisions I made, I can see her prayers at work. I'm surmising she prayed for us, since I could have gotten into a lot of trouble, or a lot more trouble, with some of my dumb decisions.
And now my mom is known to my kids as a cookie-grandma. No matter what time of day we go over to their house, one of the kids will say, "I'm hungry," knowing full well that Grandma will most likely hand out a cookie. Unless it is in the evening. And then they know it is ice cream time!
I find myself doing a lot of things my mom did; some of the things I say have come directly from her mouth. And I suppose my girls, at least one of them, will carry it on down the line. I'm just hoping it's the good things that get passed on.


  1. What a great memory to have of your mother - kneeling in prayer!

    The same thing happens to me, where I say something and go, "Oh gees, I just sounded like my mom!"

    That is their legacy!

  2. You hope your girls only pass on the good things your mom says? Nice... ;)

    All kidding aside, that's a great photo of you two. Lovely, lovely.