Friday, April 2, 2010


A great day for mail today! Not only did my Runner's World magazine arrive today, but my Netflix movie was "The Spirit of the Marathon" which I watched while eating my ice cream. Haha!
It was wonderful to immerse myself in running lore and lingo. And yet, it was almost bittersweet since I can't run right now and am thinking of the months left to go before I can get back out there. With spring there seems to be an abundance of runners out now. As I drive down the main highway near our home I usually see 2 or more runners out - mostly when it isn't raining. And a number of friends and acquaintances have begun running, or at least made their running known to the Facebook world. And this all fuels my desire to run again. Even my husband knows. We passed a runner last weekend, while driving home from somewhere, and without even looking at me G said, "Only a little bit longer," knowing that was probably what I was thinking. But for now I can read about it and watch it on TV and pretend.


  1. Can't say that running is something I look forward to doing! And I certainly wouldn't consider it's hard work!

    I kinda marvel at those who enjoy it. I wonder what I'm missing, that I don't get the same pleasure as other. Believe me, I have TRIED and I truly wish it was something I did like. I never give up on it...most I've ever done without stopping is 3 miles and let me tell you, that was a HUGE milestone for me. If I had a running partner, it might be a different story.

  2. I understand the total addiction. I ran my first marathon in oct and can not wait to start training for next and of course beat my time... too bad I am a mom of toddler twins and the time chage just happened making it possble to run when my husband comes home from work... maybe I will do one in Jan... somewhere exotic like Disney and hopefully this time my kids will not keep me up all night.

  3. i think i am starting to understand what you runners are thinking. i finally hit my stride during my last run and i loved it! i tried on some sweet running shoes yesterday and i am racking my brain on what i can sell on craigslist, so that i can buy them! ha ha. i hope that the addiction has started. my co-workers are going to run the iris festival 5k in may....they want me to join them, but i am not too keen on running down river rd with everyone watching!