Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eat your supper!

Eating habits are fascinating. I'll bet some scientist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or some-iatrist could make all kinds of connections between the way you eat your food and the way you view your life.
But around our dinner table we just like to talk about it without drawing conclusions. Some in this family eat one food at a time. Some eat a little of this, a little of that. Some start with the same food group each time. And everyone has their own reasons for the way they consume their supper.
For example, we usually have a meat, a grain/starch, a vegetable, and a fruit. Sometimes bread. So, let's say it's chicken, rice, bread, applesauce and carrots for dinner. I will start with the chicken, taste some applesauce, mix my rice with the carrots, go back to the chicken, maybe nibble on the bread. In this way I will taste all the foods, going back and forth until I am done.
A child of mine will start with the one item least preferred and finish with the 'best'. So he would eat all the carrots, then move on to the rice, next finish the chicken, eat up the applesauce and finish the meal with the bread. My husband seems to eat like this also, going from least liked to favorite part of the meal.
My girls are a mix of eating habits. The youngest... well she's just picky and eats what she likes most until we cajole her to try the other items on her plate. She's a grazer.
The other three girls will either taste and try various routes of eating, or start with their favorites and end with the least liked food. I have not had as much chance to observe them since I sit at the other end of the table. Something I will have to remedy for posterity.

How about you? Which way do you eat a meal?


  1. always the same order:
    Lunch - sandwich, chips, carrots, fruit, cookie.
    dinner - veggie (salad), starch, meat, dessert.

  2. I'm with Dave. Give me the menu and I can always determine the order of consumption on the spot. It doesn't really matter which one I like best...

    Julie's "Hubby"

  3. I tend to eat things in the same order as well. For lunch, I will always eat the entree first, then chips or crackers, then fruit, then dessert. Dinner usually starts out with whatever veggies or most disliked food first, then usually the meat, then the starch. I'm a burger-first-fries-second person, but I have a friend who is the opposite. We've agreed to disagree.

    When it comes to tomato soup and grilled cheese, I would like to eat the soup first and sandwich second, but the soup is usually too hot, and I don't want a soggy grilled cheese sandwich. Kills me every time.

  4. Seriously? Does no one eat a nibble here, a nibble there? Try this than that and then go back to something else?