Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We're trying a new project this month, in honor of the Day of Giving Thanks.

We cut out a bunch of leaves in various autumnal colors. And then scattered them on the table. (with verbal instructions on what to do)

Everyone is able to write what they are thankful for on the leaves. We will do this up until Thanksgiving Day, when we will sit and read them. Or else we will read some each night for a few days after Thanksgiving. Because, really, we can be thankful any time, not just on a holiday.
So far, the project is going well. Each day the younger girls ask, did anyone write on a leaf today? And I am pretty sure at least one of them is writing one 'thankful' note a day.

Another new thing this week - I decided for the first time ever, to send a little note in my son's lunchbox. Just a little ray of sunshine, a note of encouragement, a 'hey kid!' kind of thing. And maybe just possibly it could be source of embarrassment,. NOT that I would want him to be embarrassed. No, just want to remind him we care.So I hid a cute little card in his lunchbox.
And when I picked him up from school he asked if I had done that. And then he said, "It was weird! Today 2 other kids at my table got notes in their lunch from their moms too!"
Must be something in the air.
My first thought - moms are seeing the need for encouraging their boys. What's up with that?
My second thought - I'm glad I did it. His smile was worth it. That, I am thankful for.

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  1. I like the idea. We did a similar thing for Advent. the theme that year was Emmanuel God is with Us. so I made a poster with those words on it and every day family members would write down ways they encountered or saw God in their daily lives.