Monday, November 21, 2011

Eventful weekend

Last Friday we had the sheet rock delivered. Some was put down in the garage, the rest was hauled into the upstairs. They had a really cool truck and 'swing' that carried the bundles over to the window, and then the guys hauled them in and set them in one of the rooms.
On Saturday G and his brother, G., worked at getting some insulation in the garage ceiling, and even managed to get the time to hang one board of sheet rock! Hurrah! It begins!
While they were working hard on installing a window, and stuffing insulation,
the kids and I were shopping. For puppy supplies!!
We found a crate we think will work for awhile, at least until Puppy is much bigger. For now, the kids find it a fun place to read, and play in. Little K. really enjoys hanging out inside of it!
Last night - Sunday - our church held a Talent Show. And what talents we saw!
There was an older lady who played the saw! Yep, like one you would use to saw a log in half. Well, you might not use it, but someone logger-type would use it. I've actually used one, although not to make music on. It was pretty cool. We heard the accordion played, and the harmonica. People told jokes, played out some funny skits, and sang some great songs. One little girl - about 5 years old - got up and 'hula hooped' to a Hula Hoop song. She just kept going and going and going. It was pretty cool to see how long she kept it up! And the ending finale was quite unforgettable. A group of older folks showed us their line-dancing skills, and then invited the pastors and staff to come up and join them. So the whole gang was up there attempting a line-dance to the song "Elvira." What a hoot!

Today was parent-teacher conferences at my son's school. Which means there was no school. Which means I got to sleep in until 8 am! What a glorious day! I got enough sleep and did not need a nap in the middle of the day.
The conferences went well too.
G and I met all of our boy's teachers. And all the reports were very positive. We were told he was doing well in his classes, getting good grades, interacting well with the other students, and was very respectful! That last comment, that was one that I really enjoyed hearing. We have spent a lot of time discussing and trying to instill respect in our kids, especially respect for anyone in authority. So it is nice to hear when it takes root and that others notice.
So I have much to be thankful for this week - for brothers in-law who come out from Montana to help; for husband who works hard to keep us all going; for kids who find the little joys in life; for a church family that can worship and play together; and for teachers who like having my son in school, just as much as I like having him home for the week.

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