Friday, November 25, 2011

Our Thanksgiving

We had a leisurely morning at home, the 7 of us, then headed over to my brother's house an hour away. We actually made it early this year - a first time for us. Early enough to help in the kitchen! I'm the one in orange, peeling carrots.

The kids played and waited for the feast. We had snacks out to keep us going - crackers, cheese, donut holes.
The cousins re-met each other and seemed to enjoy each other; a number of spontaneous hugs happened between these two.

And as I was holding the latest member of the family - the 3 month old - my little one was a wee bit green-eyed. She climbed up beside me and watched the baby. And then stuck out her arms to hold him! With a little help, she did, and certainly enjoyed it.

The meal was consumed. Oof. My waist expanded; maybe because of the deeeelicious sweet potato-with-pecans casserole that my sister in law made. Oh, the second (or third was it?) helping made me longing for elastic waistband!
And then there was dessert!
Before I could even eat more, I had to take a walk. So a few of us bundled up and braved the torrential downpour of rain to get in a long-short walk. It was short enough for us to feel good without being tired, and long enough to completely soak our jeans. (And a good excuse to put on sweatpants with drawstrings!) Then I felt free to taste the pie, cookies, and apple crisp.

Looks like my sisters did too:
Some of us had naps ... ok most of the grown-ups I think, and four of the little kids.

We played games;
Besides this one at the table there were some ping-pong tourneys going on, and dart games. The younger girl cousins found their aunt's dollhouse and had such fun with that, along with coloring in their color-books.

We enjoyed our holiday this year, visiting with family members we only get to see occasionally. And eating plenty of delicious food.
I am so thankful for all of it!

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