Monday, November 28, 2011

Our latest addition

Announcing the newest member of our family:
The yellow lab.

She is 10 weeks old and so much fun!

We're still working on names. We'll try out one today, another one tomorrow - Taffy, Cookie, Tiger, Lolo, Hunny, Sunny ...
She had a little trial in the middle of the night - fussing for 2 hours in her crate. Our other dog suffered through it without a sound. We've had a few accidents in the house so far. That has been one of my biggest worries. Thankfully we are replacing the carpet she uses, with our remodeling project.
And on that note - we have a garage door! It was installed today! Hurrah! And the electrician is almost finished! Each little piece gets us closer to 'being done'.

No garage door this morning

Starting to build it

Almost there
Done! A bright shiny new, quiet, garage door.

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