Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What day is it?

Wow what a long weekend that was!
What? It's Tuesday?
The Weekend has been over how long already? Oh yeah. that stomach-bug induced fog I just came out of ... that has really thrown me off.
The above picture has nothing to do with our weekend, our stomach bug, or my sickness induced emotions. Actually it might. It's a picture of my dad holding the hand of my youngest. Back when I was a kid my dad was gruff and tuff y'know. Working hard to keep the family afloat and educated. With 10 kids it took a lot of work. With 7 of them being boys, it probably took a lot more on his part than I will ever know.
Not to neglect my mom's role in all of this. She cooked and cleaned and canned amazing massive amounts of food to keep us fed and growing and educated. There must have been pretty good teamwork between the two of them to get all of us where we are today.
As far as I know, 8 of the 10 attend church faithfully, 7 of us have children which we have raised and are raising, to be Christ-followers, and responsible adults.
Each year as many as can make it come 'home' to see Mom and Dad and the family.
Whenever a 'call for help' goes out, any who can make it come help out.
I think it's a great testimony to my parents to see what their kids have become.
But anyway, Sunday was my parent's anniversary. 57 years of marriage. Wow! I mentioned this to my kids and they were quite impressed with the big number. My son says we should throw a big party when they get to 60 years. I think we should throw a big party with every passing year.
Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom!

Other notes from the weekend -- well, something about that stomach virus made me all emotional. I mean I was crying over truck commercials! Which some might see as normal, but I am not really an emotional-display kind of girl. All I know was that on Sunday night I couldn't stop weeping. I wanted my family (the 7 of us) back together in one room. I wanted everyone to be talking or squabbling or playing together again - instead of spread out in 4 different rooms and bathrooms. I kept thinking "I've made the wrong decision, I should've kept my son home for schooling. What was I thinking?!" I looked over at my husband in the kitchen. He was getting some soup for the healthy ones in the family, and I became a puddle. What a great guy I married, trying to keep up with the sickies laundry, while trying to stay healthy and take care of the rest of the family, including a cranky 18 month old! Weeping puddles, I tell ya.

And now it's Tuesday you say? Time sure flies when you're having ... um .. well, even when it's not so fun. There's plenty to do around here though. It is amazing how much laundry and dirty dishes accumulate with sick people. And then there are the usual chores which were neglected and the school work to do also. It looks to be another busy week - and that's good. I get emotional when I sit around and think too much.
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