Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What A Weekend

I think I have just recovered from the weekend. Yeah, it's Tuesday night ... but that's what it took.
Since Friday was Birthday Day, we also celebrated on Saturday.
And Sunday.
It's all about birthday week around here.
Here's the cool stamp kit the 11 year old received on Sat. night's celebration. I'm itchin' to make some cards now!

Sunday after church - we headed over to my brother's house for the annual pumpkin carving party. In which the Birthday girl received more cake, more gifts, more singing, more birthday wishes.

I just had to show you the Creative One this year. My brother carved some pumpkin shoes. And then proceeded to put them on and walk in them. Did you know the engineering gene is dominant in our family?

And I couldn't resist showing this cute bunny! My little niece and her mom made this one! I just happen to love bunnies too.

Of course, the great pumpkin roll - 2nd Annual I believe - was held on the hill. The reigning king did not show up this year. Scared of the competition perhaps? So we had no crown to pass on; but we had plenty of participants; and willing pumpkins rolling down the hill. Along with the chasing dogs.

Here's one of our girls' creation

And one from my 11 year old. Overall, a lovely time of pumpkin guts, lots of yummy food, and family.
We managed to get some trick or treating in on Monday also. I did dress up Little K in this adorable outfit. It is the first time I have ever bought a costume for my child. I usually make do with what we can rummage up. I'm not big into spending money on this "holiday"; but this Goodwill splurge got me. And isn't she too cute? If you click on the photo you can see her adorable dimples behind that plug!
Unfortunately in our neck of the woods it was way too cold out for her to wear the dress without a coat and blanket. So we bundled her in the stroller and fed her chocolate as we walked these other yayhoos around the neighborhood.

Our "puppy" this year:

And her MUCH older sister:

And their younger, crazy ghost, sister:

We took in an amazing haul of candy, which we put in the family bowl - no keeping "mine" candy out for anyone. Soon I'll separate further ... and eventually after they have had enough, I'll find a new 'home' for all that cavity-causing candy.

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  1. such great costumes. freeze all the candy bars and bring them out a few at a time--good for the morning snack at the farm. Grandpa likes any kind, but Grandma likes milky ways and snickers.