Monday, October 29, 2012

A 12th Birthday

See that cute little face? It's still cute - just 12 years older.
 Our swimmer girl had her birthday this weekend.
Although she is working hard at extending it all week!
She got to have a sleepover party this year. She asked 3 of her closest friends, and included her sister and her friend. We had pizza, and giggles for supper.
We had swimming and giggles for an activity later, along with rock climbing. Those are two of her favorite activities. So she was pretty thrilled when we went to the center that had both of those available for us. And then we came home and had cupcake and giggles with the movie, Princess Bride. I went to bed by 11 and I think they made it upstairs by midnight. I found out later that a pajama fashion show, and giggles, kept them up until even later.
 The birthday did run into the whole weekend. We had our family celebration on Saturday night. This girl is a hat-girl, so she was pretty happy with this gift.

Older brother helped out on the lighting.

And then on Sunday we went to a relatives house for a pumpkin party, and some more birthday celebration. My girl tried this morning to get some more birthday mileage, but she still had to do schoolwork and chores.
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