Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shake and bake

I've started and deleted this post too many times to count. I can't get quite the right words to come out, yet I am afraid that if I step away it won't get written.

The afternoon was a lovely time spent with my girls at home doing our home stuff. And then we were off to the Boy's football game. Last night we had another long talk with him about goals and expectations and playing time. There was some frustration on his part. (And prayer for wisdom from us!) We didn't know what we would be seeing in today's game. But the game was more than we could ever imagine or dream of. I am so so glad his grandparents were able to come and see the Boy play this time. He was on fire! He tackled! He ran! He juked and left the defense standing! At one point he even tackled the quarterback and then helped him up after the whistle.
For some reason the team wore different colored jerseys this time. So instead of looking for #22 we had to be on the lookout for #41. So were were watching the play and this kid gets the ball and takes off. My husband says something like "wow, that kid is sure moving fast. Who is that? Who is 41?" And then I look up from my girls and think and say, "That's our boy. That's our Boy!" The one going in for that touchdown!!?? That's ours! Whooping and hollering commenced from our part of the grandstands.
But then ... he did it again! Another run down the field and a touchdown! That's our Boy! I just heard the Rodney Atkins song "He's Mine" on the radio the other day, and it came to mind. So proud that our son was able to meet this goal he set for himself - to make at least one touchdown before the season was over, and to tackle someone. And he got the chance to do that and more.
But what was even cooler, and more-emotion-inducing, was seeing the kids on the team congratulating my son and pounding him on the back. In the post-game meeting at center field, the boys celebrated his accomplishments (along with some of the other kids too) in the team's own style of acknowledging players who have a great game.
I can hardly wait to get my hands on a video of that game. And see what happens in next week's final game of the season.


  1. It was so neat when he called to relate his accomplishments to me last night. I was touched he wanted to include me. I am excited to see his growth. Way to go S!

    Uncle S

  2. Brought tears to my eyes...after seeing him struggle and struggle. I prayed with him the night before about expectations and bringing God the glory. What an amazing God we have. He let my boy do abundantly more than he thought he could.