Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

 It was time for the annual pumpkin carving party at my brothers. Three of the kids and I drove up there, leaving the sickies home with Dad.
My niece and her knife. ... struck me as scary.
Someone got creative and used the little pegs from a LiteBrite on their pumpkin.

There was a pacman

And a pumpkin guy in a suit

Of course we had the annual pumpkin rolling contest. I think the dogs 'won' this time. They chased every single one down the hill, and even brought some back up for another roll. I'm sure our pup would have loved the game too.

There is always plenty of good food to share. My birthday girl found one of our favorite treats- candy corn. Not only yummy to eat, but awesome to play with.

And my other girl ... she personalized her pumpkin with braces ... just like her (almost).

I have a photo somewhere of all of our carved ones, I'll try and get it up on the next post. 
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