Monday, October 22, 2012

Our own pumpkin patch

We are quite blessed to have an 'in' with our personal pumpkin grower. 

A few weeks ago the girls and I went out to the farm and loaded the truck with pumpkins. They each helped, to the best of their abilities.

I love the look of pumpkins!

And then once again the girls needed a run through the cornfield.
Here one minute,

and gone the next.

K is wondering where they are -

We took the pumpkins home and the next day, when it was sunnier and warmer!, set ourselves out on the busy road near our home and sold them from the back of the truck.
We didn't sell them all, but we made a nice chunk of change for 2 hours. The girls seemed to enjoy the waving, and the sign-making that is necessary for bringing in the customers. And a few people just couldn't resist my cuties smiling and waving to people, asking them to come buy pumpkins.
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  1. dress them up in overalls and pigtails and the "cute" factor will bring in the customers!!