Friday, October 19, 2012

Dinner conversation

In one of my favorite books (Cheaper by the Dozen - the original, by the Galbraiths) there is a story about the conversations the family has around the dinner table. The father got to decide whether the talk was of general interest or not - basically, whether it was something he wanted to discuss or not. I highly recommend that book; our large family was nothing like the one in the book, but it is still fun to read about a real life family. And please don't go and watch the movie made a couple of years ago. Please, please, don't ruin the story by doing that.
I digress.
Our family actually had supper tonight. As. A. Family. There was no child away at practice. There were no meetings for us to be at. There was no game to get to, or come home from. All 7 of us ate together and talked. I have missed this! The Boy's football has taken a lot of time away from family time; and then the girls' swimming adds to it. So a night all together is one I cherish.
Our conversation tonight was one of general interest. The question was posed "If you could open any business, what would it be?" As we discussed it, it became more of a question of  "if Dad could open his own business, what could it be?" We had some enlightening suggestions from the kids, all the way from 'Run your own bookstore', to 'a shop where people can go to get their noses fixed.' Restaurants of different types were suggested. Clothing shops were also mentioned. A pet store led to a puppy breeding operation. Not only did it give us some ideas to play with ... but it gave us a peak into our kids' brains. So I'm wondering, what would you do? If you could have your own business, what would it be??

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