Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In my Corner

In my little corner of the world,
many things catch my eye
throughout the day.
My little girl's curls.
I just love them.

My dog who sleeps
curled up with a hose 
My son showing off his muscles
 by carrying around his sisters
 And finally - an advance in the remodeling department!
(disclaimer: there have been many advances of which I have not blogged about, mainly because they were the type that don't photograph well, like texture. You can't really see it in a photo.)
Step 956 of 1 million: paint in the girls' room

The two girls who will occupy this room first picked out the colors, and prepped the area,
then we got down to work. I let them do most of the painting, with a little help to reach the high places. Tomorrow will be the second coat, and then we'll paint the other walls white.
And that leads us up to the finishing steps - flooring! Curtains! Trim! Move in! (not all in that order)
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  1. If this was step 956 of 1,000,000...I have a long way to go to finish this project.