Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our trip

It has been a long time coming, but G and I were finally able to run away from home without the children. I think our last trip for more than one night would have been in 2009. Maybe. He was traveling a lot back then, and I don't remember going with him.
So when he said he had a trade show to attend in Las Vegas, we made plans for me to go with him. And we are both so glad that we did!
The immensity - and the excess - of it all was nearly overwhelming.
The trade show was held in Caesar's Palace, which was pretty glam; unfortunately we did not stay there. Our hotel was a dump, as you can see in the photo. Note to self, pay attention to the online reviews. A hotel that duct tapes its carpet... better make plans for elsewhere.
But we made the best of it, and enjoyed our time together.
I had time to sleep in and read and relax. It was lovely. Not until Friday did I really miss my kids. 
I was able to help G in his booth, and meet some of his colleagues. That was interesting, to see some of what he does "at work".
I had a day to myself to walk around the Strip. So I headed south and walked through random places. Caesar's was pretty, but a little over the top with the Roman theme.
I loved walking through the Bellagio and the shops next to it. It was morning, so there were not many people around; ahhh quiet! And so pretty. This chocolate fountain was amazing! I was ready to break the glass for a taste but ...
and I'm such a small town hick girl, i was in awe of the escalators and moving walk ways. The one outside the Bellagio is super long, so of course I had to take a picture. And then we saw one later that was a circular escalator - so cool.
This photo is for my friend Debbie - reminders of home make me smile.
I think both G and I enjoyed the light show outside of the Bellagio the most. We tried to see the Volcano someone told us about - it was out of service for repairs. The Treasure Island show was closed down due to high winds; and the white tigers shows was closed and done by the time we got down there.
 We didn't want to spend a lot of money - I know, what were we thinking?! - but we had an awesome dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. We went before the crowds started, so it was really pleasant and the service was awesome. 

One night we walked around the northern side of the strip - well, north from our hotel. And when we went into the Venetian and the Palazzo - we were blown away. The painted ceilings were pretty amazing. At one point I forgot it was night outside, because inside it was bright daytime.
 We did spend a little money on slots. I can see how it can be addicting; except for the surrounding smoke. I really liked the sound of the numbers going up, up, up. Until they went down, down, down!
This picture is for my brother, S. We played some money he sent with us on this slot.
And here was our other home away from home. Denny's. Yes, I was pretty happy to see a place like this, where I knew I could get something safe to eat, and enjoy it. With the weirdness with my hives and unknown allergic reactions, I was pretty careful with what I put in my mouth. So Denny's, you saved my vacation.
Vegas was a place I'm glad I went to with my husband. Some of the sights(ie. billboards) were just so icky. Taking photos was a bit of a challenge. we thought about going to a show, but there was not one there that week that we really wanted to spend money on, and we just had more fun hanging out, and walking around bring together. People watching can be a show unto itself!
 We both agreed we don't feel any desire to go back there, unless it's to see the land around there, like Hoover Dam, and Red Rock. It would be nice to see the rest of the city, not just the Strip. I'm such a small town girl, I can only take city life for a short time.
And one more photo, this is for my friend down South. In the airport on the way home, we got Burger King for dinner, and I just happened to notice the bottom of the bags .. I had no idea I had such worldwide, famous friends.
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