Saturday, January 19, 2013

Game Day

Basketball has started. I've had a few bad-mom moments because of it. Most of them involve forgetting the camera for the game. oops. At least we're just at the beginning of the season, and there are plenty more games to watch. We've got the Boy playing in the evenings on different days of the week. And two of our girls play on Saturdays. And then there are practices (along with Swimmer Girl's practices).
So the Boy's first game was a loss according to the scoreboard. But we were so proud of how well he did. The boy can jump! His rebounding and defensive skills have grown in leaps and bounds (pun intended :)) He has become a much better player than last year. Granted, it's a different team - and coach - than he had last year. But he has grown too, and filled out in the muscles a bit. Yes, it continues to surprise me to see a young man in my house instead of a boy.
The girl's games have been fun to watch also. My girls seem to have my non-aggressive way of playing. I had to learn to be aggressive on the court. Against my brothers it was no problem. But for some reason I, and my girls, had to learn this. So, we've worked on it. Family basketball in the living room - fun Saturday entertainment for all.
And can I just say, as much as I like watching my kid(s) play football, I am so glad basketball time is upon. It's more exciting, and warmer!!!

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