Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Oh what a night ...
So the Boy had another basketball game last night. They played hard, but ultimately lost the match. It was a little frustrating; well a lot actually. A tough team, a large team - in numbers and size. I was even frustrated and I was trying hard to sit without clenching my hands and jaw. Thankfully the refs were fair and good. I sure didn't know how to talk to the Boy about it afterwards. He had given up in his mind before the game had even begun. There's no way to teach not to do that.
After the game I went to a State of the School meeting at my son's school. It was actually fairly interesting. They updated us on costs, security, and other items that affect the school and students. New this year was a special prayer time and I think it was the best part!
One person in particular had a very moving prayer; But another parent said something in her prayer that really struck me. She prayed that the children in the school would be a blessing to others. And I had a bit of a revelation. One of my friends would call that an epiphany. Whatever the label, I was struck by that. For the past year and a half I would pray that my son would find a friend at school, that he would be blessed by his time there at that institution. Nothing wrong with that ... but those words made me realize I've forgotten one very important component of life - blessing others. Sure I pray that my children, all of them, would be good friends to others, to be leaders, to be aware of others around them. But after that meeting, I am going to start praying that they would be a blessing to others, not just take in the blessings they probably don't even realize they are receiving. Who knew a school meeting could bring such disclosures.
Oh, and the nice little gift card I won in the drawing - added bonus!

And then we came home ... My swimmer girl was itchy, with hives inside her throat and outside on her skin and eyes. It was a little scary for me because of my past experiences with hives. I gave her some antihistamines and probably asked her every five minutes if she could breathe ok and if she could swallow ok. The girls had helped paint earlier in the day and this girl had gotten a lot of paint on her skin. (She takes after her mother in so many ways.) I'm pretty sure that was why she had the hives. We scrubbed if off, which took a long time. But let's just say, it was a late night for this momma, and my night-owl girl didn't mind too much. She didn't like the itchiness of course, but she seemed to be enjoying staying up even later than her older brother.

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