Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our latest show

 I'm so behind the times. A show will be all the rage for most people in America, and I won't see it for ... months; mostly because I rarely watch new TV shows.
But then my sister gave me one to watch. I took it with me to Vegas, but due to the size and age of the TV in our room, I was unable to watch any DVD I brought. So we sat down to it this week, and we're hooked on it! We even sent the older kids to bed "early" so we could watch it without staying up too late.
What has our attention? Well, I loved Foyle's War, from Masterpiece Theater, and various Jane Austen's. And now we have another one. You might be saying "Downtown Abbey!" but I haven't watched it. (Gasp! I know!) I have it waiting for me on the TV stand though. No, this one is Sherlock. Pure genius! I enjoy the logic he uses to deduce who did what. I love that there is no gore, no major violence, no nudity, no sex, and sprinkles of humor throughout the dialogue. It is almost like a grown-up Encyclopedia Brown. Ever read those books?! Give me a good mystery anytime!
So I'll be finishing up the set my sister loaned me, and then I'm going on the hunt to see if there are more episodes. I'm pretty sure there are, since we only have the first 3.


  1. the dvd belongs to Mark and Bonnie. let me know if you find anymore episodes.

  2. Yes! Great show! Anna, Rachel & I discovered it on Netflix last week and have been enjoying it very much. They spend much of the show comparing it with the books. Great fun.

  3. P.S. You may want to skip the first episode of Season 2 (the one with Irene). I pre-skim the shows before watching them with the girls, and decided to spare us all that one! The second and third episodes of that season are both good stuff, though. Now to wait almost a year for Season 3...

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Season 1 I really liked episode 1 and 3, but 2 - not so much. I am also going to be checking some A.C. Doyle books out of the library!