Thursday, October 3, 2013

7th grade

7th grade seems like so long ago for me. I can't say I look back at it with real fond memories, but there were a few of them. It was better than 6th grade that's for sure. But not as great as 8th. Such an awkward age for some of us.
Well, now my oldest daughter, my second born child, is charging through 7th grade like a pro.
There are 2 other girls in her class with the same name as hers. The three of them were talking about going to the mall and buying matching outfits, and then wearing them to school at the same time. It made me smile. She has been in school for a month now, and she has "matching" friends.
It took me back to my junior high days. I had a couple of friends (who did not have the same name as me) that did something similar to this. They bought matching shirts, in different colors, and then wore them on the same day(s) as each other. I'm guessing they probably planned it out. It's what you do in 7th grade.
My girl is now planning a little craft party to invite her friends to - new friends from school, and old friends from church/home school.
I wonder if anyone will match.

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