Monday, October 14, 2013


I dislike calling people on the phone. I don't even like answering the phone unless it's a family member. Just a quirk about me. (It's ironic that I was a secretary/phone answerer as a job back in the day.)
Although in college and high school, I spent hours on the phone - with certain people.
All this to say, I have a hang-up (ha ha) with the phone that most of my children do not.
My middle child has been begging to call into a radio station that we listen to. They have a joke of the day for kids. We looked it up online and they had something about calling at 5.50 am.
Phew - I thought I was off the hook on that one.
But no, my girl kept researching it, and got the phone number for the radio station. And asked me politely if SHE could call.
My brain said, Why on earth would you want to do that? But my mouth said, "Well, OK, but what are you going to say?" So we practiced a little bit. And she went off to call the radio station.
And she did fine.
Of course. She's not me.
So, if you live in our corner of the world, you can hear my daughter this coming Wednesday morning on 104.1 at 6:45 am and 8:45 am.
And I'll let her do the phone calls from now on I guess.


  1. It's not just you, You have many siblings that hate calling or talking very long on the phone: myself, and at least 4 brothers.

  2. Once in college my dad talked to me for a whole 5 minutes on the phone - I was shocked. It was crazy. I think we've even had more long conversations like that since then too.

    I don't mind long conversations (my mom and I can talk for an hour easily on the phone). But I don't like making calls, like making appointments or other scary things. And I won't answer the phone unless that person is in my phone book (I will call back though). Especially now that my phone's ringer doesn't work ;)