Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunny Fall Days

We've had some nice weather around our parts lately.
Which makes for fun fall frolicking.
Our friends were crazy kind enough to ask us along on a trek out to a pumpkin patch last week. Not just any patch, nothing like my dad's. This place has so many fun activities and the food - oh, the donuts and apple cider! made fresh right there - ahhhhh, the smells were so very enticing.
But we also had fun with the activities. The kids found delight in going through mazes and obstacle courses. They were brave enough to try a dark maze - just like it sounds, completely dark (except for cell phone lights) and a maze. Probably something I would have done as a kid too, if I went with friends.
There was an apple cannon and apple slingshot there. We tried our hand at the slingshot, and one of us almost made it into the target with the apple - so close, and yet so not.
I have always wanted to try a zip line. The closest thing to it was the 'swing' line here. So I stood in line for a long time, anticipating the thrill of flying through the air.
Well, it was fun, but I think a real zip line will be much better.
The weather was great, the friends were terrific and we left happy to have spent the afternoon there. 

(All those nice black dots in the tops of the pictures? Yeah, I think my camera has some major scratches. I just need to get a new one, or see if it can be fixed.)
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