Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A quarter of the way

We are now 9 weeks through the school year;
Math is a not a favorite subject this year for more than one kid;
but we're working through it with each of them.
The girls at home have started piano lessons this month. So far the older one is progressing pretty rapidly in my opinion, but then I am still stuck in the beginning modes of piano.M and M both love playing, so I expect to be hearing masterpieces from them in no time. (ha!)
Every year I try and take a pumpkin photo with each of the kids. I've been doing this since the oldest was just a 10-month old. So far this year I've gotten these 3 out of the 5. Those older two kids - being gone at school so much makes it really difficult to take their picture!
I sure love this time of year for photos - the crisp air, the afternoon lighting, the fall colors!
This week really feels like fall is here! Even though the local football season and cross country season is just about over, the nights are finally turning colder and crisper and the smell of woodsmoke lingers.
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