Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Weather Man

A major storm rolled through our area this afternoon.
I had just gotten home from taking the kids out on a special field trip. They splashed and ran through the fountains just outside our state capital. It felt muggy and hot - unusual for Oregon.
An hour later, my husband The Farmer (how I will refer to him from here on out) was home early from work, exclaiming about the weather. He brought up the National Weather Service website and read the warnings out to me. I love this about him! He sounded nearly giddy about the impending storm.
First came the wind; slowly breezing in; then the intensity of the wind picked up. My son scurried about bringing in buckets and such, due to The Farmers exclamation about the windspeeds. Then we looked out the front porch and saw dark black clouds zooming across the sky. Yes, zooming! The Farmer and the boy stood out on the driveway watching and talking about the weather.
Then we heard the thunder, saw the flashes of lightning. And finally the rain came down. Buckets of it all at once. It was so hard the gutters were overflowing. I can't tell you the exact amount in a minute, but I bet The Farmer could. I love that about him.
The lights flicjered a bit, so the girls got all the candles out and set them on the table. I will light them tonight and we will have "candle-night" even though we still have power. It will be our little celebration of God's awesome power in the world.

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