Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Word of the Week

"souther" --[adverb] a direction,
as in "We need to go souther from here."

Ok, I will admit, this one came from me. And my husband won't let me forget it. In my defense, it was spoken in the heat of the moment, during our first ever family vacation. Our oldest was 9 months old, so I was still in the throes of raging baby-hormones and my brain wasn't properly functioning.
But we still use it, 10 years later.


  1. Don't you just love the vocabulary that your own precious family makes up and no one else is privvy to? LOL! We've got our list, too. We always love ribbing whomever it was that originated a word - but there we are - years later, using it still!

  2. Raging baby-hormones, or raging-baby hormones? Hee hee.