Sunday, July 29, 2012

Death of a dishwasher

We're watching the Olympics! Oh did I tell you we joined the 21st century, and now have cable TV? For the first time in our married life, we have cable. It has been .. interesting. I wasn't thrilled with the idea initially. After all, we are trying to get away from electronics consuming all our time.
But the Olympics! We can't miss those!
But, no that is not the why of  why we got cable. That has more to do with lowering our phone and Internet bill. We 'cut a deal' with the provider, and it included cable TV.
So anyway, seeing the sites of London on TV has been fun.
My dear husband likes to say, "See that bridge? I've been there" or "I was on that bridge."
Now it was fun to hear and think of the first time he pointed it out.
But now that it has been about 500 times .. the kids groan when pictures of the famous bridges appear.
I just laugh. And dream of the day he might take me there ;)

This girl.
She's my first girl. She is a lot like me in so many ways, and yet so like her dad in so many ways.
And now .. her feet are like mine.
At this point in time.
She borrowed my shoes to wear to church this morning, because she has outgrown her church shoes!
She wears the clothes that have become a little 'snug' on me. I imagine it won't be long before she is taller too. In church today she would look over at me, stand up really straight and tall, and smile, knowing she is just barely under my height.

And finally ... the title of this post ...I think our dishwasher is dying (dieing?dyeing?) It has made a terrible noise the past two times I tried to run it. And then a smell .. so I went ahead and washed dishes by hand (oh the horrors!) Oh the memories of my life growing up.
The machine is nearly 10 years old. Do you mark certain ages of things by events? Like the reason we know when the d/w was put in .. we installed it the year my brother in-laws and family came out for a wedding, it's the year we put in a new d/w, which was also the year Miss M was 1+. She's 9 now.
 I guess our appliance has lasted for a long time.
I'm not looking forward to shopping, or paying, for a new washer though.
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