Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 This room here will someday house a boy. And his football posters. And his OSU t-shirts.
This week, or maybe next we will be able to paint it!! Do you know how completely over the top of excitement this is? Well, it is not quite up to moving-in-day excitement, but it is still pretty great!
We can paint it! Today (if we had time!)
Maybe tonight after the swim meet we could paint it.
One more step taken on the path of remodeling.

Our two older kids spent some time at Farm Camp this week.
Farm camp, for those not in the know, is time spent with my parents at the family farm; it usually involves a lot of weeding and hoeing, especially among a crop or two of garbanzo beans, and in the family garden.
It also involves lunch out at a favorite fast food place. This week it even included ice cream.
Grandpa was feeling extra generous I think.
So I was the one to pick them up yesterday afternoon out at the farm. It is just so pretty out there in the summer. The wheat fields - well, I think they are pretty anytime of year. So I had to take another photo.
And then the two hot dusty dirty stinky kids got in the truck, and that was the end of any photos!

Today my dehydrator came!! So exciting! Well, it is for me.
G was going to make one for us to use; however, between traveling for work and working on the house project, building something like this wasn't high on the list.
He gave me the green light to go ahead and purchase one.
With a little research and some saved up Amazon points, I was able to order this item - yesterday - and it was here today! Holy cow!
I have no idea how it got here so quickly, because 1. It was free shipping, and 2. it wasn't expected until next week. and C. it was an online order, and those never come overnight.
Doesn't matter to me- I'll be happily drying out something tomorrow!

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  1. cherries, tomatoes, pears,apples, the list is endless. we have a thing that you can use to make your own fruit rollups, I'll bring it Friday if you want to make some cherry fruit leather.

  2. Yeah! You're ready to paint! Such a feeling of accomplishment. Much better than tape and mud and sand and mud and sand ... (can you tell where we are with D2's room?)
    Congrats to the team!

    1. It is so exciting! I can see the end .. sort of, with imagination, now. Hang in there on your end!