Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In Awe

Sometimes I get so bogged down in grown-up burdens. I think about what I need to be doing, or places I need to be, or what I should be reading, or how I should be raising our kids. And then sometimes -usually out from left-field - I am reminded of the amazing world we live in.
My younger girls asked me today, "Where is heaven?" What an amazing question. But yet simple too. So we talked about heaven not being anywhere we could see. And so that meant outside of the universe as we know it.
Their minds quickly moved on to another topic; but this stayed in the recesses of my cranium, percolating as I went about my evening business.
And it hit me - stop! take a look around! God is great, and made a great world to live in. Look at the human body. Amazing! Skin regrows. Babies are conceived and formed and birthed and then grow up. Brains and eyelashes and the ear canal - fascinating!
Somehow this led me to think about heaven once again. (The twists and turns of my thoughts are not explainable)
How do you picture heaven? Do you ever stop and think what it's going to be like?
Do you see clouds-in-a-blue-sky-kind of heaven? Or is an 'old guy' sitting on a throne with a long flowing beard the kind of heaven you picture?
Maybe there are mansions? Do you see a home for each of us filled with beauty? Or maybe you see flowers and ferns and gorgeous lush greenery? Maybe there is a comfy couch to rest on out in the garden?
Or do you see it in colors, not in physical items? Is heaven a bright light; a yellow glow, like a warm sunset? Is it a warm peaceful feeling you picture, with joy and the sound of the songs  of praise to God?
We sing a song in church called "Days of Elijah" and the line that always, always gets me is "Behold he comes, riding on the clouds, shining like the sun, at the trumpets call, Lift your voice, it's the year of jubilee, And out of Zion's hill salvation comes."
I see heaven more in colors and feelings - like that glowing I mentioned, and the awesome joy we will have. I can only imagine what it will be like ... 


  1. A wonderful book to read is "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn. He uses the scriptures to pull all that is said about Heaven and draws a beautiful picture about a real place. :)