Saturday, July 28, 2012


We have a time-watcher in the family.
And it's a good thing, or we might have missed the swim finals for the kids today!
After a late night last night - because the relay races were held then - the older kids were up before their minds were awake. A quick breakfast and out the door to the Big Day.
It was our second year of doing this, so we were a little better prepared for the day. We had plenty of snacks, drinks and food to get an army through a day of racing.

Of course there were meltdowns. What else can a 2 year old do at noon on a day after only getting 9 hours of sleep?! I went to a (beautiful) wedding last night with my two youngest, while the others were swimming. And we had such a fun time, yet that put us out late at night, getting into bed after 10 pm. So, I sort-of could understand a little melting. Especially since I felt like joining her.

The 6 year old .. she also melted .. but not until bedtime, thankfully!
here's what we saw at her level .. a lot of splashing.

My kids swam really well! I didn't keep track of their times or their heat-wins, I just enjoyed watching them swim, and swim well!! They've gotten so much better since even the beginning of the season.

And I had to show you these swim robes. Are they the coolest?!
My sweet friend made them for the girls, after I saw the ones she had made for her kids, and told her how cool they were. All it took was 2 towels from Costco and a pattern. Thankfully I only had to supply the towels, my friend had the pattern and the fun of sewing them! (Thanks D.S.!!)

Here's the Boy, swimming his heart out. I do remember watching his last race of the day (of the season!) and seeing him win his heat. That was pretty exciting!

Our 9 year old - at the beginning of the season she would 'start' by jumping in with hands flailing. This is what I mean by seeing such improvement!

The end of another swim season. Although not the end of swimming.

And, even though this didn't happen today, I came across it just now on my camera. 12 years separate them, but she loves her big brother so much!
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