Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Only 2 days

We've lived a full week - in 2 days.
The kids came home on Monday and the girls decided to make a movie. Oh, have I mentioned we are 'electronic free' for the summer? Thus, the need to make their own entertainment instead of being entertained.
It was mainly the girls who developed the storyline and gathered the actors. The idea centered around a murder no less. A cereal murderer. Oh yes, you read that correctly. C-e-r-e-a-l. 
Not only entertaining but highly comedic. If I could find the little camera they used I might just be able to blog some of it!
So as they were playing around, I took a moment to sit in the hammock and look up, and this is what I saw, for the few seconds I had my eyes off my 2 year old. Lovely.
On Monday I got up the courage energy to make a bunch of phone calls I had been putting off.
The dentist, the ob, the hair salon, the doctor's office .. and amazingly some of them were able to get me in this week. So that's why I have lived a full week in 2 days - because of  appointments! 
That and swimming. My daughter has lessons every morning this week, so working that into the schedule along with the appointments was like juggling cats.
So I got my hair cut. Here's a glimpse of me being silly (this time) with my new cut.

The last swim meet of the regular season was today. They only last for an afternoon, but it seems like all day long! Now we only have finals - 2 days worth - to get through and that season will be done.
Here is what we look like waiting for swimming - since I don't get such good action shots, I thought I would showcase a few 'normal' ones.

This child ... must take after her father! (wink) She is in lessons now, and is hoping to advance enough to make it to swim league next summer. Then we'll have four on the team!

We consumed a lot of food. After 2 seasons of this, I almost have the knack of filling the snacks bag down to a easy-peasy art. Almost. These kids consume a lot of food!

And their dad ... well, he entertains us while we wait in between races.
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