Saturday, July 7, 2012

Oregonian 4th

 We did celebrate round these parts. I've been having trouble with my computer, so I have not been able to write it up until now!
The kids and I and my sister went to a parade.
It was a nice little parade, a "one-horse" parade, if that gives you a sense of how small it was.
My mother in-law and her husband were driving in it, so that's why we went.
On the way home we stopped at another, much larger parade, but only were able to stay for a short time.

Watching the parade go by -

So my kids staged their own parade at home! The girls changed into patriotic clothes, and decorated their bicycles. They got the neighbor friends involved too.
And around they went! I got a video of it, but am not having luck putting it on here.

The cheerleader girl - quite a fun time watching her parade around the block.

Later in the day we had some family over for BBQ. We ate outside, even though it wasn't super warm.

Looks like she is saying "Stay away from my food!"

After supper was ice cream of course!

And then fireworks!
Yes, it was cold enough to bundle up. This is Oregon after all.
The sun goes down and we bundle, even in July.
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