Sunday, July 15, 2012

Updates and Other

 The latest in remodeling news ... the room is now orange.
The Boy got in there this weekend and painted two walls in a 'pumpkin patch' orange.
The playroom next to it is now textured; the hall and stairway are mudded and awaiting the next step
(which I would tell you about, but I'm not sure what it is ...)
Did I tell you we went to a rodeo last week? We hadn't been to one in about 10 years or so.
We packed up the older two kids and joined my in-laws at a rather famous rodeo.
What fun! My son said his favorite was the bareback riders 
My mother in-law also hadn't been to a rodeo in years, and she said she had a great time.
We all had lots of memories resurface as we watched.
There was one rodeo I went to in college, with some friends. What I mostly remember is eating a whole bag of gummy worms, and not feeling so great on the ride home.
But this rodeo was much more fun!

The garden is growing. Here are some of the potatoes and beans. I just love how green it looks out there!

And the kids finally got a beach day. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the beach?
I could sit and watch it all day. I could walk up and down all day.
I wouldn't want to live there, I've tried that already. But I sure love to visit it!

The kids tried flying a kite
but did not have much success, so we dropped it for other pursuits,
 like feeling the waves -

Can you tell we are at the Oregon coast? Sweatshirts to start out with, and windy hair!
We went to see the dock that had washed up from Japan, because of the tsunami.
It was pretty big

The kids found a board further up on the beach, and brought it back so they could see what was on top.
So of course, we all had to take a turn.

After the wobbly board was looked upon with skepticism, the Boy found another board.
 It looked like a railroad tie, much bigger and stronger than the first board.
He and his sister used their brains and brawn to place it.
It was fascinating to watch them work together, and figure out the puzzle of how to get something so heavy up

and they did it! They were able to climb onto the dock, and then a number of other people followed after them!
And the youngest of our crew - she delighted herself in the sand. It was everywhere.
but hey, isn't that what it's all about at the beach?

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