Sunday, August 5, 2012

Over the past few days

 We started painting the exterior of the house. Let's play with that term 'we' - actually, I started painting some more on the house this past Friday. I got paint in my hair, on my arm, all over the clothes. It looked like I swam in it. There were some areas which I never finished last year! Wow. As I was up there this week I couldn't recall just why I hadn't finished those few spots. My husband reminded me that I just ran out of steam last year. Probably. I got very tired of painting, and then the rains came. This summer! This year will be different. This time around my kids are going to help put the second coat of paint on the outside.

G and I had a mini-date night. Actually I think it was a family date night. Is there such a thing?! We all went to the Depot of Home and picked out flooring for the Boy's room. G began putting it in yesterday. This picture is just of us laying it down to see if we really liked it, and which way to lay the grain.

We had another family reunion. This time it was for my dad's side of the family. And it was a very very hot day - for Oregon that is! But that didn't stop the games and good food. My sister bravely organized a bunch of fun games, and a few new ones also,
The sack race - always a popular favorite - of course.

My youngest even got involved with auntie's help.
Then we had a twist on the three-legged race and sack race. We put three people into 2 bags and had them walk together. It was quite entertaining. That, along with the skiing on grass (I don't know how else to describe it!) was also the best entertainment of the day.

The annual bocce ball game was played. My girl got in on the action this year.

And then having consumed plenty of good food, and enjoyed the company and games, we headed home and got Chinese takeout for dinner. 'cause I was already cooked from the heat.
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