Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It's the end of August ...
 and my girls are singing ....

Christmas carols. Yes, of course. why not?

In my free time, when I'm not driving the kids, er, traveling the world, I managed to clean out some of the crevices in our house. I moved boxes, and desks, and beds. I painted. Oh yes! did I paint. I was hoping to get some photos up (once again no deal) but the computer is being wonky and won't upload. Sigh. I hope to either get a new computer (cough, ahem) or get this one working better.
The room that was once orange downstairs is now a beautiful white, with the window sill and closet trim painted a lovely green. All this because we moved a boy upstairs, and also because we are having company! Nothing motivates me more to clean and declutter than having company come!
So, this means I was able to make room in our downstairs storage room, er, playroom, so that the kids can actually use the piano and games and floor that we have in there. And this means that they found the piano music, which is mainly Christmas music it seems. Or else they just know the tunes to those songs and not anything else. Or, maybe they just like to drive their mother mad.

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