Thursday, August 9, 2012

Run on

For the runners out there, do you ever imagine you are someone else as you run? You know, like one of those really really great runners we are seeing on TV theses days? Little kids do it all the time. Why can't grown-ups?!
Maybe I'm crazy (not certifiably) but it helps me get through the miles, and up the hills, to think I am Shalane Flanagan. You can stop laughing now. I've made progress from last week. I imagined I was Ryan Hall then.

This morning I had a great run. I felt fast. And I was - for me. My fastest 3 miles ever. Since the run I did back in July, where I kept pace with my older brother, I have been knocking my time down on my fast workout days. Boy does that feel great! (thanks brother T!)

My husband is starting to train for another half-marathon. I might join him. I might not. Right now I have another 5k in my sights. Every fall for the past 4 years we have run a certain Oktoberfest race. It has kind of become tradition for us. So I think I will keep working on getting my time down for that. I'll figure out in a week or two if I want to kick it up and go for another half. I know I want to do one in the spring next year for sure. So training and motivation have begun.


  1. Um, this isn't meant to be mean, but you look nothing like Ryan Hall...thankfully.

  2. Now you can imagine you're Stephen Kiprotich!