Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pack it in

We seem to pack it all in on the weekends, making for a very full Saturday.
This round included farming, canning, a trip to the town dump, and a county fair
The beginning dawned brighter - and earlier - than I was ready for.
I headed out to the farm with the kids before they even had breakfast. It was an in-the-car meal for them that morning. Two of the kids helped my parents with the picking of the garbanzo beans, while I headed to the apple trees with my younger two. I climbed into the trees to pick what I could while the girls played in the bed of the truck. It was like being a kid again, picking those apples up in the tree.

They make great applesauce too. I only picked two boxes, but it has been plenty for now.

So while I was away G was busy busy working on the upstairs and the stairway. We have a heat pump installation this week and he wanted to get as much sanding done as he could. Along with painting on the outside on other hard labor, a trip to the dump was necessary. I was happy to go - an hour without children's noise, wind blowing in my hair, the radio on my station - how could I pass that up?
By the time I got home, it was time to get cleaned up and head to the county fair.
The county we live in is small in population - mostly rural towns. My husband was elected by default to be the buyer for the company at the livestock auction. Fun thing was it is back at the exact same place he did his own FFA livestock. I think he really enjoyed it. My son did. The Boy stayed with dad as much as possible, except when we went to DQ to get something to eat.
The girls enjoyed some horse-watching. Our youngest Did. Not. Like. The. Cows.
They were a bit too big and made 'scary' noises.
She did like the bunnies and chickens and even got to pet a bunny.

They even got to clamber around on a fire truck and learn about all the equipment and gear.
I let the girls go on a couple of amusement rides. Thankfully they were not too expensive at this fair.
No way could we do this at the State fair!

It was a late night, which meant a sleep-in morning. We went to church later than usual this morning, and I even got in a lovely nap this afternoon. So we packed in the activities yesterday, and had a nice relaxing Sunday.. isn't that how it should be?!
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