Monday, March 11, 2013


We're at it once again.
Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, they can't breathe
One of the girls had a fever Saturday afternoon, which I discovered when I came home from my carnival work. Bright red cheeks were the giveaway clue there. And the coughing! The poor girl can't stop coughing, even with cough drops.
Last night another girl, another fever and more coughing.
And Little K has the goopiest nose. Ick.
So G and I left the 14 year old in charge yesterday and went to church. It was like a date. Can we have a date at church!?! I had to teach and he had to be at a class, but we reconnected for the service, and -- don't tell the kids -- kind of enjoyed just being the two of us in a crowd of hundreds of friends.
I am so thankful we don't have a lot going on this week. And I am so thankful I can still have them do schoolwork as they sit on the couch and cough at each other!


  1. get out the vicks, honey, lemon tea. watch those fevers, listen for the wheeze (sign of something bad )
    did you really leave the 14 yr old in church or in charge? :) keep healthy.
    the paper today says take naps to get back that lost sleep with the time change. Sleep helps the immune systems stay strong!!

    1. Haha! You caught my typo. Yes, he was in charge, not in church. Lots of resting and liquids, Vicks, and meds here. Girl number 3 is the latest casualty today.